July 27, 2010

Excuse my absence, had a virus.

The household computer caught a nasty virus called Antimalware Doctor. Suddenly this fake window appears telling you you're under attack and press these buttons to avoid a computer nightmare. Too late, already in there making the computer slow and do all sorts of odd things. It's a pain in the ass but I'll post photos later.

One note... The thing I love about living in New York is that just about every single day you see something that you probably wouldn't see anywhere else, at least in America. The thing I hate most about New York is that you probably see something everyday that you wouldn't see anywhere else....

Today I'm on the subway coming back from shooting a singer/songwriter in a club on the Lower East Side. There's a guy sitting across from me wearing a very low-cut, blue and red wife beater tank top with oddly wide shoulder straps that made it look more like suspenders. He looked to be half black and half Indian (dot, not feather). He had thick reddish brown hair that had obviously been professionally cut (and dyed) recently and he wore baggy shorts that would have been more appropriate on someone half his age, which was probably around 50. Anyway, he drops this small white object on the floor and it rolls towards me and stops. Before I can get a good look at it he quickly snatches it up looking startled and slightly embarrassed. I pretend that I'm looking in a different direction but I watch him as he rolls that white thing between his fingers. After a minute or so he buries his thumbnail into the object and starts to slowly and slyly peel away a white wrapping from it using very minimal hand movements. This takes about 2 minutes. Then he balls up the peeling/wrapper, glances at the object and then pops it into his mouth. He sucks on it and rolls it in his mouth like it was some sort of lozenge or candy without chewing it for a few minutes, like one might do with a Halls or even a Werthers butterscotch. Then the rolling stops and he bites down... chews... and swallows. Then, I realize what it was--a clove of garlic. Who in the hell eats a clove of garlic on a subway at 11:00pm at night? Who? That guy did. Now that my friends, is some weird shit...

Pictures soon... damn virus.

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