July 29, 2011

Back in New York (nice to be home)

Back from Virginia. A somber and sweltering week. We buried my mother's ashes last Friday. It was 102 degrees at her grave site.

A sudden downpour started while sitting in traffic. I hesitated turning on the wipers because everything looked more surreal through the rain-battered windshield.

A second shower as I made a u-turn on my parents street. Again waiting to turn on the wipers.

Walking past a BP gas station I glanced up to see these vents against the blue sky.

Walking along Hudson Street last week I spotted this gentleman wearing a straw hat peeking through the trees.

New York street at dusk.

July 21, 2011

To Be, or Not to Be (tranquil)?

How does one resume a blog based mainly on goofy snapshots, biased opinions and a warped sense of humor after such a sad previous post? It's a true dilemma... Do I post some nice landscapes that offer quiet tranquility? Would that be more appropriate? Do I gently lead into a lighter tone over a period of time? Do I wait a month, or three months, before adding a non-serious image? I truly don't know.

I'm going to Virginia tomorrow and may not blog again for a week or so...

Here's a pretty sunset photo taken from the High Line tonight.

I've been toying with bailing on the hat and going for a new look. I'm kind of digging the Jimi Hendrix/Don Was look (Don Was is a big-time music producer). Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

July 11, 2011

My Wonderful Mother

It's been almost 2 months since my last post. I've gotten many calls and emails from friends asking why I haven't blogged. The truth of the matter is, I've been in Virginia for the past 3 weeks. My earlier post regarding my mother's illness came to a sad conclusion. My beautiful mother passed away on July 3rd. If there's any good side to this it's that she died at home in bed, in her sleep. Sadly, few people have the opportunity and time to tell their loved ones how much they loved them. My family and I were lucky in the sense that we had over a month to lie in bed with her, tell her how much we loved her and hug and hold her. Her illness was so rapid and ravenous on her body that we were all amazed and shocked at how quickly cancer took her. She became weaker and weaker until her last days were spent quietly in bed mostly sleeping. We're so thankful that she didn't suffer for very long. The emotional roller coaster we all endured was sometimes overwhelming. Knowing the end was getting closer each day, you become hyper aware of every cough, sniff and sigh. You are tormented with the fear of witnessing the end of her life. At 5:00am Sunday morning the healthcare woman knocked at my door and asked me to come upstairs.... My beautiful mother was gone.