October 23, 2013

Yoko Ono's Wish Tree

Toward the end of last week's art crawl we stumbled across this little "tree of tags". Curious, I stepped into the gallery and discovered that it was a small installation by Yoko Ono. Somewhat self-explanatory, you write your wish on a tag, tie it on a branch and hope for the best. Though oddly, after getting home and looking at Yoko's note of instructions, it says to fold the tag in half...which as far as I can see, no one did, including me. So, I don't know if that voids the wish or not. Also, as you might notice, I tried to be different by writing with a black pen as opposed to the small pencils provided. Wow, look at me thinking outside the box. What a risk taker.

 I feel sorry for this tag hanger.

 This made me grateful that someone wished for my job.

 Rodney King must have stopped in before we arrived (yes, I know, he's dead).

And there's mine. Not exactly wishing for "world peace." 

October 17, 2013

Night Time

 West 4th, West Village

 Washington Sq. Park

 Ice Cream

 Destitute, Theater District

 Drug Nod

 Jazz guitar, Sixth Ave. and West 4th

Marble Hill (Bronx)

October 15, 2013

The Best Deal in NYC

The other day I decided to take the Staten Island ferry. It was late afternoon and I rode across like I have hundreds of times before. I went to the snack bar and got myself an ice cold beer and sipped it as I stood on the windy deck. The weather was beautiful and the breeze invigorating. I got to the other side and hopped back on the return trip. Every ride offered new photo possibilities carrying a whole new group of riders. The trip from Manhattan to SI is usually crowded being mostly commuters. The attendance back to the city is sparse. As I rode along with the sun setting, colors became more saturated and beautiful. Arriving back in Manhattan I immediately hopped back on for a second round trip. And again, the light more beautiful than the last ride. Upon arriving in Staten Island I let the ferry I had just taken depart and waited for 20 minutes for the next one. Each boat being different in size, shape and deck configuration. The next one came and I boarded as the light was fading. Finally back in Manhattan after 2 solid hours of travel and the light almost gone, I jumped back on for one last trip. That's a record for me..3 round trips back to back. Total cost of transportation? Zip! (not counting my beer)!  The best deal in NYC.

October 13, 2013

Yams and Nerds

A few months ago I bought a yam at my local market thinking it was a sweet potato. Little did I know that the two are not even distantly related. I set it in the kitchen window with every intention of eating it baked with a little butter. A few weeks passed and it started to sprout and those sprouts grew quickly. Giving up on the thought of eating it, I decided to make it a science project and see how long the sprouts would grow. I even tied chopsticks to the "twigs" to help them grow straight. I later read that yams can grow up to 7 feet. Within a few weeks they were already 2 feet long. I found it very odd that such a plant could grow, from itself, without any dirt or water. Who knew? Before "Mr. Yam" could take over my entire kitchen window, and not wanting to just toss him in the trash, I decided to set him free. The park behind my building seemed a nice place for him to live so I took the yam and walked up the trail looking for a good spot. Not knowing much about yams or  what type of terrain they might better thrive in, I looked for a clearing in the woods.
 The park
 Yam before being set free.
 I gently tossed my "tuber" friend into the woods while humming "Born Free." I'll miss my little yam. I'm half curious to climb down into that jungle in a month or so and see if it survived.

The annual Medieval Festival (Nerd-fest) was held a few weeks ago in Ft. Tryon Park. Right here in lovely Inwood. 
They stress being true to medieval traditions, though I saw countless iPhones and other devices being used.
 A leather beaked nerd?

 Singing minstrel nerds.

 Nerds clubbing one another.

 What does one do with a shot like this?

"So, Earl of Loserville, tell me, when was the last time you thrust your mighty man-sword into Lady Kibbletits?"
"Well Doofus of York...I have to say, it's been quite a long time...a long time indeed."

Lady Kibbletits

October 1, 2013

This Weekend

 Mom and son on A train headed north. 

Dad plays in a punk band

 Old executive does a selfie.

 Time to stop smoking.

59th and Lex