February 15, 2013

Brief Moments

Today was a full day. Taking care of some bills, a midday meeting, a bit of work and Valentine's Day cheer with good friends (breakfast, lunch AND dinner). Under-dressed and freezing I walked up the West Side highway on my way to the Thursday night art crawl. Way off in the distance I noticed this tiny little pink jet stream in the last few minutes of sunset. The short little zoom on my Lumix just couldn't get out there to capture it....

Triptych. "Steam 1-3".  
I'm joking. That sounds so pretentious; I detest when photographers feel the need to name each and every photo they take, trying to add to its importance. I do like steam pipes when I see them... So "urban."

Though it's been shot a million times I can't help but take a snapshot of the decayed old pier along the Hudson.

 Someone's Christmas lights still up in midtown.  

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