November 11, 2010

The price of paranoia

Everyone is bugging out for Obama to do something. Jump into a financial shitstorm and fix it in 2 years. The World Trade Center is still a hole in the ground 9 years later. Hurricane Katrina levels New Orleans and it's still a mud hole. But, Obama is supposed to fix everything, including our huge financial mess, in only 2 years? People are stupid. You want to see what our problem is? Read the following pamphlet I recently got from my 81-year-old friend Sallie Marx. Here's where all our tax dollars go. Here's a brilliant idea, close a few of the 700+ military bases around the world that aren't doing anything, stop starting wars and don't get into every skirmish that starts up worldwide, and we'd pretty much be able to fix the budget AND solve the healthcare woes in short order.... But I may be wrong. (click to enlarge)

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