December 30, 2010

The trip from Hell

I decided to leave Va a little earlier than planned for a few reasons. I caught the last bus out before the blizzard. The trip was smooth for the first 100 miles or so and then things got bad. We crept along at a snails pace for what turned out to be a 12 hour trip...Yep, 12 hours door to door. Traveling can be such a giant pain in the ass. Yesterday I took a very long walk through Central Park after seeing a photo exhibit at the Met. What a beautiful day. I turned my camera on a setting called "Nostalgic". I think I should just shoot it normally from now on... I was in an experimental mood.
The Sheep Meadow. Camera set on "Retro" to look like an old Polaroid. Perhaps if I want that look I should just use an old Polaroid camera...I still have 27 packs left.
Just inside the park off of 79th street and 5th ave. Though the hills are small the people used all sorts of various ways to slide down them...saucers, sleds, cardboard boxes, toboggans. It was wonderful hearing all the laughter and screaming as people slammed into one another.
Madison park before the blizzard.

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