January 1, 2011

Leaving Inwood

My time in Inwood will hopefully be coming to an end soon. I've been here almost 2 years and I've seen, shot and experienced all I want from this place. There are only about 3 restaurants that I enjoy going to and from my experience the Dominican people are not fond of Caucasians. Or, as I jokingly call myself to my black friends on Dyckman and Nagle, "El Diablo Blanco" (the white devil). They almost sneer at me as I walk down the street with a camera around my neck and they rarely attempt to speak English when I'm waited on in a restaurant or store. So, I've given it much thought and decided to leave here. Perhaps they'll have a parade after I'm gone.

Walking around the other night I happened upon this nice bullet hole in a store window which reinforced the idea to move. Not to mention the INCREDIBLE amount of litter and trash that these people leave lying around. Something odd about the Dominican culture that they don't like or believe in using trash cans. But, I must add, from a "photographic" point of view it's been very rewarding. I have taken thousands of interesting photos while living here.

If you're ever in the market for an area where the people are filthy and hate you... try Inwood, it's great!

One of my few New Year's resolutions is to start looking for a place in Brooklyn. Never lived there and it might be a fun a stimulating new place to live.
Inwood skyline
Dyckman and Nagle shadows... Where my "boys in the hood" and I hang out.


  1. This blog post is polluted with ignorance. It is clear that in the time you have spent in Inwood you've mostly kept to what you know and who you know. You are a blind photographer, unable to really see what you are attempting to capture.

  2. Interesting... I took "my black friends" and "[w]alking around" and "thousands of interesting photos" to mean the photographer had immersed himself in the neighborhood and was just stating (or venting) his observations--the opposite of ignorance. I find his photos of the neighborhood... compelling. "Anonymous" above seems hyperdefensive.