May 28, 2011

What Was I Thinkin'?

While looking through old boxes at my parents' house I ran across hundreds of old photos. I cringed a bit opening each envelope or stack of pictures, expecting to find something embarrassing. Didn't take long; here's a couple. A ridiculous example of me hiking in the Blue Ridge wearing very short shorts while in my shit-kickin', southern rock hat phase. Luckily that look was short lived. Jesus...

Another fine example of a fashion no-no. Here's me working as a photo assistant for my friend Nemo in the early 90s. This was pretty much my standard uniform back then. Actually, it was worse, I usually added a rolled up red bandana around my neck to keep the photo vest from chafing. I showed this to my niece Kristen and she said I looked like a member of the Village People. Note the ever present large goofy glasses, the "porn" mustache, the short shorts, the white socks (and tennis shoes) and walkie talkie hanging from my belt. What the hell was I thinking? That's just frightening....

I guess it could have been worse, I didn't dress up like Boy George or all goth like Robert Smith from The Cure as so many did.

Though in hindsight, this little getup was just as bad.

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