July 21, 2011

To Be, or Not to Be (tranquil)?

How does one resume a blog based mainly on goofy snapshots, biased opinions and a warped sense of humor after such a sad previous post? It's a true dilemma... Do I post some nice landscapes that offer quiet tranquility? Would that be more appropriate? Do I gently lead into a lighter tone over a period of time? Do I wait a month, or three months, before adding a non-serious image? I truly don't know.

I'm going to Virginia tomorrow and may not blog again for a week or so...

Here's a pretty sunset photo taken from the High Line tonight.

I've been toying with bailing on the hat and going for a new look. I'm kind of digging the Jimi Hendrix/Don Was look (Don Was is a big-time music producer). Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


  1. HELLLLZZZZ TO THE YES! Hottest whitest Jimi Hendricks EVER!

  2. Mel Shafer - bassist from Grand funk railroad