November 14, 2012

Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo

I've been a bad blogger; not too much to write about the past week except the elections. I've had many spirited email exchanges with friends regarding this election over the past few months. I never knew I had so many die-hard, ultra-conservative, right-wing Republican friends. We sent countless emails supporting "our team" and eventually came to the conclusion that all politicians are full of shit, promising all the "sheeple" stuff they will never deliver, like jobs and lower gas prices. In the end, the guy I voted for won, so I'm happy and happy it's over. After those 8 years of the Bush fiasco (disaster) I just felt relieved that another uber-rich asshole wouldn't control the country. Mitt wanting to build our already mega-huge military by another $2 trillion was enough to scratch him from my ballot, not to mention trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Oh, and toss in the fact that he gave millions to his cult-like church, which believes in a planet called Kolob (Wiki it). Oh wait...and the special "temple garment" underpants worn by most Mormons (Wiki that too). And finally, let's not forget, Mitt is a bishop of that loony church. 

Moving on....  

Sometimes you shoot a person and it's a real chore. They bitch and moan about being hot or cold, or can't decide what to wear the whole time they're in front of your camera. You want to toss them out after 10 minutes. And then there are other times when you're lucky enough to shoot someone who's very cool, nice AND beautiful, like Ileana. We decided to do a quick impromptu shoot shortly after she got her new scorpion tattoo (I'm assuming she's a Scorpio) and her 21st birthday. We had a great time aside from a few lengthy interruptions and took some beautiful, artsy, edgy photos. I'm sure we'll be shooting again soon. I'll post others later.

My friend Kristi let me shoot in her apartment for a change while she was off gallivanting in London and South Africa.

She was a feisty little thing.

The view from Kristi's roof deck over looking 34th Street, a few weeks prior to me shooting there. I wanted to shoot on the deck but it was closed due to storm damage (Sandy).

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