November 7, 2012

Back from Virginia

Back from 11 days in Virginia. A nice visit with a mixture of quality time with old friends, activities and a bit of drama.  

Took another 200+ mile road trip with Dad to see the fall leaves. Uneven colors this year...some trees still green with others past their peak mixed in. Curious how that happens.

My best friend Mike Breen and I raked dad's leaves for a few hours just before the big storm.

On the road trip headed out to the Blue Rridge Mountains, I pulled off to snap a photo of these little houses along Route 211. We've always referred to these as the Three Little Pigs' houses... so tiny.

Behind Costco. I stop to take photos like this and my father looks at me like I'm crazy.

Back in NYC Monday night; Empire State Building was ready for election night.

Yesterday at the polls. Felt like small town Vermont as I cast my ballot in the little school on Hudson Street. After waiting for over an hour in line I was informed I was in the wrong line. Another hour later I voted.

I was happy with the election results.

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