September 7, 2013

Art Night's Big Start

The season opening night of art was less than spectacular. Large crowds, lots of wine, lots of crazy attire. All the art lovers were out in full force. What wasn't out was any good art. Normally I don't like to slam artists, but last night was a true letdown.  I was hoping for one of those grand shows like the Chuck Close or Basquiat ordeals.... Not tonight. It was more like "Amateur Night in Chelsea." Even if the art sucked it's always a great night hitting the galleries with friends.

 Part of the Art Crawl Crew

 A rare sighting, Patrick McMullan shooting. He's usually at some party in the Hamptons.

 Performance art...right.

 Calligraffiti...Group show...The last and best of the night. 

 I love anything done on wood or cardboard. This was in a group show, didn't catch
the artist's name.

 Amazing groupings of crayons. Artist?

Barbara Takenaga...Didn't do it for me. Twenty of these on the walls...Can you say "Redundant"?

Two from Chuck Webster. Looks like your typical trust fund kid trying to do something edgy and cool (and failed). His bio states "His saturated colors and playful biomorphic forms evoke the spuriously na├»ve abstractions of Paul Klee and late Matisse...."  The person who wrote that was obviously smoking crack. Chuck Webster and Klee in the same sentence is a joke. 

 Frederick Hammersley... He's dead, should have stuck with portraits.

 Gene Davis...also dead. Should have designed wallpaper and not been a painter.

 Jacques Roch. Though colorful, I felt I was looking at student paintings at Parsons. 

Kunie Sugiura. Take two random small 4x6 prints you might get from any photo processing department of a drugstore. Now, glue those two prints of "nothing" on a large piece of white expensive watercolor paper. Now place it in a big frame.!  Total bullshit!

Buy a bag of Sakrete, mix it together and make some shapes out of it.. Set it on some wood or saw horses.  I don't get it.

 Trine Bumiller. Amateurish at best. Like a senior (high school) art project. Okay, that's a bit harsh...a senior at one of those fancy prep schools for artsy rich kids.

Note:  Edith, If you happen to be reading this, you've been truly missed.

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