September 17, 2013


Today while walking down Hudson Street at dusk I looked up to see the clouds beginning to turn a reddish hue. I rushed down 10th Street hoping to catch the sunset. I crossed over the West Side highway and stood along the path. In all the years living in NYC I've never seen a more vivid, beautiful sunset. This shot isn't manipulated, this is really what it looked like. People were stopping all around me, pulling out their iPhones, snapping away. Lots of oohs and aahs. I stood there until the sky slowly turned back to a soft gray, which only took a few minutes.

Two odd guys on the subway today. Above guy was on the A train headed downtown at noon. Hair dyed jet black, muttonchops and mustache a dark brown. Some heavy maintenance going on there. The guy below on the A train headed uptown tonight. He had very sparse peachfuzz but painted his whole head jet black. I wanted to take another picture of the front but he was very big and I feared he'd kill me if he saw me aiming my camera at his head. Some major maintenance going on here. I wonder what his pillow looks like?

 Unfortunate chair in Times Square. 

While making an egg wrap I looked down to find the eggs sort of smirking at me. So I beat them. A little grated Emmentaler cheese, a splash of Goya salsa verde....Very tasty.

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