September 17, 2009

My Giant Sneaker

Not long ago I was taking a bus back to NYC from a visit in Va. I always feel like a chump saying I took a bus. Sounds like I'm poor. Lots of poor college students with huge backpacks ride the bus. Actually, the bus is just as fast as the train and costs up to $80 less (depending on departure time). The train leaves and arrives further away from both destinations so it's actually stupid to take Amtrak.
So, I'm on this bus and just outside Philly I look out the window and see this massive billboard. I got excited and almost jumped out of my seat... I shot that billboard. That's my shoe photo up there, 60 feet long and 20+ feet high. Right there on Rte 95, for all to see, huge. I think I told the person next to me and they didn't seem to believe me and/or, thought I was crazy. Their thoughts were obvious, "Gee, must pay really well... you're taking the bus".
I sat in my seat smiling. I was proud of my GIANT sneaker picture.

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