September 22, 2009


I have been tinkering with wire for over a year. A friend of my sister's makes these incredible puzzles out of stainless steel wire. Small, intricate and precise. I went to the Calder show at Moma and he used to bend wire into the shapes of faces and dancers. His sculptures were not so intricate... Much more free form. I started bending with a certain gauge wire and a certain type plier given to me by my good friend Paul who bends coat hangers. After moving last March I packed away about 50 of these things. These are some of the latest, but not best. These are mostly made riding the subway on the 40 minute ride downtown. Hard to be precise while shaking around on the subway. I don't claim that they are in any way art. It occupies my mind during the ride. That's about it. Oh, they're small, only about 2 inches high.

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