March 18, 2010

A clean bum and a pretty day.

Last night I was going to my favorite eatery in the world (right now). The Hummus Place on 74th and Amsterdam...and amster-Damn is it good! Anyhoo, as I was waiting for a table I noticed this homeless guy sitting there huddled up and begging for money (see above). When no one was around he got up, walked over to a wrapper lying on the sidewalk, picked it up and took it to the trashcan. I walked over to him and handed him a few bucks... He smiled and said "God bless you brother".

I went thrift store shopping yesterday in Brooklyn with my friend Todd, the KING of all thrifters (he really is). We walked around and I snapped some shots having found no thrift bargains. What a beautiful spring day to be out and about.

Crazy shadow on top of a building..just seconds later it disappeared.

This old Dominican guy was drunk and just laid down next to the trash and took a little snooze in the spring sunshine. The police came and called an ambulance. He was fine... That's why my health insurance is $400 a month. Our tax dollars at work!

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