March 15, 2010

Rock on big guy!

I was riding home from the studio on the subway the other night, sitting there in my own little world, eyes closed, headphones on, big goofy grin on my face, totally zoned out. Mick Jagger's (solo effort) "Wired All Night" (a fast paced foot stomper) was blaring. Suddenly I opened my eyes and saw this heavy-set guy sitting across from me with his eyes closed tapping his foot in the same time as I was. Was it possible that he was also listening to the same Mick Jagger tune? No, that's impossible. Though I couldn't hear him, this guy was singing like he was on stage at Madison Square Garden. It still sort of freaked me out that he was tapping at the same time as I was. I didn't turn my iPod down partly because I was in my little musical zone and partly because I didn't want to hear him singing.
I couldn't stop glancing back and forth between his bottom teeth, half of which were missing, and his large belly. It was like the buttons were holding back a great dam of flesh... ready to burst at any given moment. I reached in my bag, took out my little point-&-shoot, put it up against my face like I was listening to it and took a few snaps. Which probably looked pretty stupid to anyone watching me. I was scared he might see me taking his picture and charge me like a bull. One never knows. Stealth photography is hard.
I've had a few great weeks of working. I shot images for a fashion book for Fairchild Books week before last. Cute models in white bikinis in a big cool studio with a good crew. Last week I shot a few thousand images for a book for Simon & Schuster, also fashion. That crew was amazing. We shot over 130 gigs (a shitload of frames). The whole shoot was close to perfect. Great crew, beautiful models, good food and a nice big studio. When it all comes together like that it makes me feel so grateful that I have the fortune of doing something I love and then miraculously someone hands me a check at the end of it. There's truly nothing better on earth.

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