March 30, 2010

Rain and t-shirts

Again, the saddest face in the world.
I had lunch with my lovely friend Iris yesterday at Lupe's. Who doesn't love Lupe's? Nothing better than huevos rancheros with a cafe con leche at the end. Nothing better!

I went to T.J. Maxx after lunch to return the Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud t-shirts I bought over the weekend. Anyway, I can't find white t-shirts that fit. Calvins go down to my knees, Abbouds go down to my belt line (too short). Both were size large. There's no consistency in sizes. It's getting to be an annoying quest. Last week I tried Costco's brand (Kirkland). Also went down to my mid thigh. Yesterday I bought some Hanes. Have to take those back as well. They're too thin. This is getting a bit crazy.

I walked for miles yesterday in the rain. Leaving Kmart on 34th street I snapped a few photos of the Empire State Building and the New Yorker in the rain.... I never get tired of that sight.

On the t-shirt search I spotted this very zombie-like group of "Porch Greeters" at Kmart. Who buys this crap?

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