September 6, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I generally think that people who put photos of themselves on their blogs (as so many do) are somewhat narcissistic. Then again, perhaps people with blogs who expect others to read their thoughts and look at their daily photos are narcissists as well. So, all bloggers are self-absorbed egomaniacs?

I'm always perplexed when I see photos of myself because looking in a mirror I don't see the same thing. Why is that? In the mirror I see a normal, happy, pleasant looking, middle-aged guy staring back at me. When I look at photos of myself I see something entirely different. An average looking, weathered, tormented man with a bit of mileage behind him. Someone who might consider addressing that ever-deepening furrowed brow with a syringe of Botox. Not to mention that I never really noticed how asymmetrical my nostrils are until I did a few self-portraits, even though I've never broken my nose.

Funny, I don't feel particularly tormented (except the constant, nagging desire to create something). I've had a relatively easy life so far. I'm not overworked. Not overly stressed. Don't have kids to drive me crazy. So, why the tormented look? It's a mystery.

New(ish) glasses and unshaven.

Sans specs.

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