September 24, 2011

WAY Too Much Time on My Hands!

Sitting in a sushi restaurant I set my chopstick down on my plate making a tiny stain that looked like a pair of sunglasses. I felt a sudden rush of creativity! Using a chopstick as my brush, I created a soysauce man on a scooter. I executed this incredible piece of art all during a conversation with a friend. For her, I'm sure it was like dining with Picasso.

I peeled an apple tonight without breaking the peel once. What a feat!

Buildings along 5th ave reflected in the boat pond in Central Park.

I like digital but I LOVE film. I saw this sticker on a sewer lid in Soho. My sentiments exactly!!

Two nerds donning Mickey Mouse ears having their engagement photos done in Central Park. Who does that?

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