October 22, 2012

Chuck Close & Gallery Night

Thursday night's gallery crawl started out at Graham Nash's opening at ACA gallery. Collages, pastels and photographs taken of David Crosby, Joni Mitchell, Phil Collins and others. A few self-portraits. Mr. Nash was there. Sadly, the work didn't knock my socks off. They served Vodka and cranberry, which is rare. I drank two on an empty stomach...not good. 

Second show was at the Pace gallery of artist Chuck Close's latest work. A lot of interesting people. Chuck was there, cruising around in his wheelchair, happy and engaging. Then again, he should be, he just sold a few million dollars worth of art.

I struck up a conversation with Paul Simon, no fan talk, we both play the same model guitar. He told me about a certain way he tunes his guitar called Nashville tuning. Nice conversation, up until a tall blonde started babbling about what a "huge fan" she was. Seems like a nice man. 

Crazy girl walking around showing off her naked painted body, seen here in front of the Paul Simon portrait. Though as much as she tried, hardly anyone noticed her. 

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