March 11, 2013

Babies R (not) Us

A friend of a friend recently wanted some photos taken of her while pregnant. Everyone has seen the Demi Moore cover of Vanity Fair and I had no interest in duplicating that. I wanted to go down a slightly darker path. A bit more like Joel-Peter Witkin or Ralph Eugene Meatyard, both of whom I admire greatly. Negotiations ran into weeks before we agreed on a compromise. I'll shoot "pretty" photos for half of the time, the other half will be spent "trying" my ideas, like using the "sheet mask" I made recently. As usual the shoot didn't turn out as planned (never does) but she was a good sport and I think she'll like the "pretty" photos I took of her. These however are not the nice ones.... I'm fairly certain she won't be posting these on Facebook. And, unfortunately, I doubt I'll be hearing from Vanity Fair to shoot the next famous pregnant celebrity.

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