March 24, 2013

Me, Duane & Bad Art

Many years ago I went to seminar given by the great photographer Duane Michals. At the time I was taking an advanced printing class and I went to see him talk about his work, but found that most of the seminar he spoke about his fascination with time. Thursday night I went to see his latest work where he took appropriated photos (found/bought) and painted on them. A new direction from his past work that's for sure. A very interesting and creative man. Still very sharp and witty at 81.

Oddly, when I asked to have my photo taken with him, he growled and acted like he going to bite me... I took a second shot and he growled again like a crazy badger....

After seeing the Michals exhibit I wandered into a gallery showing the work of B. Wurtz. Should have been called "Wurtz-less." I have a problem with "artists" (using that term loosely) showing work that has about as much creative thought as a 15-year-old student at art camp. Total bullshit. How people like this get shows in large galleries is one of the huge mysteries of life, up there with how the pyramids were made and Stonehenge.

Cups, wood, wire, bullshit.

B.Wurtz (above) painting any 7-year-old could do. Saying it was shitty would be a compliment.

I moved on being subject to more crap art at C24 Gallery. Paint a board red and nail some brass studs in it--Deeeep! I think the culprit on this shit-show was Mark Dutcher. Somebody pleeease take away this clown's paintbrush.  I walked in the door, looked around and said out loud, "REALLY?"

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