March 8, 2013

Miserable Art Night (they can't all be good)

They said it would snow, but it rained more than it snowed. It was cold, rainy, windy, sleety, snowy and miserable. But, I persevered. I hit the galleries hard tonight. There were 29 openings. Most were crap.

First gallery I walked into. Furry ape-like beings sitting in front of a faux campfire roasting marshmallows. Stupid. The night went downhill from there.

Oh, this was a showstopper. Drying dishes. I have a similar piece in my place about an hour after dinner every night. 

I think this piece was made out of clay.  Some raised eyebrows, a few giggles. Whispers of "Looks like you honey" were overheard. 

I see this guy almost every week. Strange old bird. He was obviously as underwhelmed as I was to fall asleep in the middle of a crowded gallery. Then again, nobody checked his pulse. Either way, it sums up my night of art.

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