April 27, 2013

Times Square and Beyond

I was shooting for my good friend Nancy Stamatopoulos today and decided afterward to walk through Times Square on my way to the subway. Though greatly toned down since the old days, pre-Giuliani, it's still a bit of a freak show. After walking past two "Naked Cowboys" and one nearly naked woman I came upon this dancing fat guy. Not a pretty sight.

Some people are willing to go to the lowest depths of self deprecation for money. This guy said nothing as he stood staring blankly at people while holding this sign. People laughed at him and then dropped coins in a little bucket he carried around.... Amazing for many reasons.

This girl drew quite the crowd... Right up until the cops shooed her away. She turned up a block away a short time later. Laws are: if a man can be topless, so can a woman. Who knew? The four construction workers looking down offered plenty of catcalls.

I've been working for Fairchild/CondeNast publications for about 16 years...give or take a few. After shooting the latest Vera Wang collection Wednesday I still had to wait in line for a visitors pass when dropping off the images. Pissed, I made my best squinty mean face.

On the downtown E train yesterday I spied this latest fashion trend. Get dressed, apply gold spray paint to clothing. I think the fumes may have done him in. I have no idea what's going on here....

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