April 22, 2013

Virginia and Back

Back from a week in Virginia. I spent some quality time with dad, shot some band photos for my friend Mary Ann Redmond, helped my friend guitarist Mike Ault record some guitar videos, shot some interesting photos in a barn of my good friend Christina and her friend Cynthia, sold my bike, bought a cool shirt and ate way too much. Chock full week. 

Mary Ann's wonderful A.D.H.D. dog. Continuously as we were shooting I would hear a "clunk" at my feet. Looking down there would be a well-chewed stick within inches of my boot, the dog poised and waiting for me to throw the stick for the 200th time.

 Mary Ann's awesome little cabin in the woods...

The Band

A favorite Virginia muse. 

Back home in NYC Saturday hitting a few art galleries. This 3D show was pathetic.

Back home shooting eyewear for 20/20 in Soho last Friday.