April 30, 2013

Spring Festivities & Bad Art

Washington Square Park was a joyous place on Sunday afternoon. People came out in droves to sing and dance and sit in the sun.

 Sand art.

Piano Man. When I first saw him a few years back, he was playing a ratty old upright he'd wheel around the Village on dollies. Now he's playing a grand. Playing in the park has apparently been very, very good to him.

Sikh Fest 2013. Every year the annual Sikh Day festival happens in Madison Square Park. It's jammed with people. Beautiful, stimulating colors and all the free food you can eat. Friendly Sikhs came up to you constantly saying, "Please, please, get something to eat. Are you enjoying yourself?" And pointing towards the tables covered with trays of Indian food. I felt like I was in Mumbai. A great time.

Ridiculous Art: I started off my "gallery crawl" night Thursday in Chelsea at David Zwirner Gallery on 20th Street. I'd truly love for someone to explain this show to me. Blinky Palermo's (he's dead) works on paper ripped out of a standard 9x12-inch drawing pad. I asked a well-dressed gallery person what the prices were. She replied that they weren't for sale, so I pressed, "But what it they were for sale...What would the prices approximately be based on recent auction sales?" Thoroughly annoyed she said, "About a hundred thousand dollars each." I paused and looked her in the eye with my best look of, "Seriously? You're joking right?"  I'll let you be the judge. Once again, another over-priced show that appears to have been done by a primate. Stupid beyond belief. 

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