May 1, 2013

Hey, What Are You Looking At?

Occasionally I'll go stand on some random corner for 30 minutes or so and watch people go by. I usually do this after a meeting or dropping off images at Conde Nast in midtown. Last week I stopped on 42nd St. near Grand Central and then on the corner of 42nd and 5th Ave. I usually tuck myself into a corner and flip up the viewer on my tiny Lumix so my head is tilted down looking into my camera. The way older video camera viewers worked. If anyone happens to look at me, my eyes are looking towards my feet, camera at my chest level. Obviously I'm trying NOT to be obvious while watching them. I thought doing this it would make me more stealth-like. But, I soon realized that a good number of people look at me wondering what the hell I'm doing. Apparently people are so used to having devices aimed in their direction they don't pay any attention so I might as well just hold the camera up to my face from now on. So much for using the optional $200 flip-up viewer.

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