May 14, 2013


It's a toss up for me regarding favorite "cheap eats" in the city. These are my two favorites, hands down. Above, Hummus Fava and a small Health Salad from Hummus Place on Bleecker and 7th Ave. South, about $12.50. Below, two original Mexican tacos and a bowl of Yankee bean soup from a little corner diner on Kingsbridge Ave. and 231st Street in the Bronx, $8. Given this or some fancy-schmancy expensive place, I'll take this any day. So good, I'm never disappointed.

After having Chinese food with Katherine the other night on the Upper East Side, we both got the same fortune... We just looked at each other waiting to hear what the other's proposition would be. I'm not saying anything.

The San Remo

After dinner we walked through Central Park long after dark. She kept asking, "Are you sure it's safe to be here after dark? I don't see any people. Are we going to get killed?" I must admit on some of the darker trails it did get a bit spooky. Halfway across we ran into some interesting characters at Bethesda Fountain. A large group of people lined up with tripods taking a class on night photography, doing long exposures, as well as a smaller group practicing with their Star Wars lightsabers. Very nice people, though I didn't have the heart to tell them I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life. They would probably have killed me. Katherine and I made it safely across the park and had pie in Columbus Circle. A lovely night.

Bethesda Fountain tunnel at night. Beautiful.

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