June 7, 2013

The Wing

I have neglected my duties as a blogger. Though active and doing interesting things, I haven't felt inspired to write anything. But, the other day I was about to hop on the uptown A train at West 4th street, north entrance. It was late in the afternoon and I was just about to go down the steps to the subway when I glanced down and noticed a large chicken wing on the top step. Undamaged, some poor soul unfortunately dropped the delicious snack. Just as I snapped a photo of the lone wing, a young guy in his early twenties wearing a dirty t-shirt asked me for some money. He looked healthy enough to work so I gave him my best, "Yeah right, get a friggin job" face. (Note: I have no problem giving money to someone who is very old, handicapped or missing an appendage.) Besides, this guy was far younger and in better shape than I. Another young and healthy derelict friend walked up, glanced down at the chicken wing and said, "Wow, a wing...you want it?" His friend declined and he turned to me asking, "Do you?" I said, "No man, it's got your name on it, have at it." The kid grabs the wing and heads down the steps. Ten minutes later, I'm on the platform and I see the guy licking his finger tips. He sees me and with a big smile says, "You missed out my man, that was an awesome wing." I smiled back with complete sincerity, happy he was happy. 

 Now you see it...

 ...Now you don't.

Yeeehooo!!!  The fountain is up and running at Washington Square Park. Full of kids, bums, NYU students and loads of bacteria. Get out your amoxicillin and let's party!!

 Tammy Wynette sighting

Kitchen help. I just liked the contrast and colors

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