June 12, 2013

Random Curiosities

Walking down the street I found this odd sign in front of a restaurant. An opportunity to scribble an item from your own "bucket list".

People don't seem to have the capacity to abide by rules. I see people break rules on an hourly basis, especially on the subway. Nobody gives a shit. This idiot was 60 feet from a large dog run.

He was a powerful looking stocky man. Broad shoulders, shaved head, faded tattoos. Looked like a Russian fighter or bouncer, maybe a mob guy. His sweat pants had suede patches sewn into the crotch. And, a shirt that matched the patches.

As I snapped this photo I thought for a moment of him catching me and sticking my camera somewhere it shouldn't be.

Having a true appreciation for a nice guitar, there are few sights that'll make your heart skip a beat as you enter the outdoor flea market. Block sale on 44th Street. Turned out this old archtop needed a bit too much work. A few minutes later I scored a very desirable camera, a Yashica T4. When I asked the gentleman how much he wanted for it he said, "Seven dollars." When I paused, not believing what I'd heard, he followed with, "Okay then, five dollars."

Eighty-eight pianos are located around the city for people to play and enjoy. I found this one in Hudson River Park. The bike rider stopped, played a few tunes, and was on his way.

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