October 13, 2013

Yams and Nerds

A few months ago I bought a yam at my local market thinking it was a sweet potato. Little did I know that the two are not even distantly related. I set it in the kitchen window with every intention of eating it baked with a little butter. A few weeks passed and it started to sprout and those sprouts grew quickly. Giving up on the thought of eating it, I decided to make it a science project and see how long the sprouts would grow. I even tied chopsticks to the "twigs" to help them grow straight. I later read that yams can grow up to 7 feet. Within a few weeks they were already 2 feet long. I found it very odd that such a plant could grow, from itself, without any dirt or water. Who knew? Before "Mr. Yam" could take over my entire kitchen window, and not wanting to just toss him in the trash, I decided to set him free. The park behind my building seemed a nice place for him to live so I took the yam and walked up the trail looking for a good spot. Not knowing much about yams or  what type of terrain they might better thrive in, I looked for a clearing in the woods.
 The park
 Yam before being set free.
 I gently tossed my "tuber" friend into the woods while humming "Born Free." I'll miss my little yam. I'm half curious to climb down into that jungle in a month or so and see if it survived.

The annual Medieval Festival (Nerd-fest) was held a few weeks ago in Ft. Tryon Park. Right here in lovely Inwood. 
They stress being true to medieval traditions, though I saw countless iPhones and other devices being used.
 A leather beaked nerd?

 Singing minstrel nerds.

 Nerds clubbing one another.

 What does one do with a shot like this?

"So, Earl of Loserville, tell me, when was the last time you thrust your mighty man-sword into Lady Kibbletits?"
"Well Doofus of York...I have to say, it's been quite a long time...a long time indeed."

Lady Kibbletits

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