October 23, 2013

Yoko Ono's Wish Tree

Toward the end of last week's art crawl we stumbled across this little "tree of tags". Curious, I stepped into the gallery and discovered that it was a small installation by Yoko Ono. Somewhat self-explanatory, you write your wish on a tag, tie it on a branch and hope for the best. Though oddly, after getting home and looking at Yoko's note of instructions, it says to fold the tag in half...which as far as I can see, no one did, including me. So, I don't know if that voids the wish or not. Also, as you might notice, I tried to be different by writing with a black pen as opposed to the small pencils provided. Wow, look at me thinking outside the box. What a risk taker.

 I feel sorry for this tag hanger.

 This made me grateful that someone wished for my job.

 Rodney King must have stopped in before we arrived (yes, I know, he's dead).

And there's mine. Not exactly wishing for "world peace." 

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