October 15, 2013

The Best Deal in NYC

The other day I decided to take the Staten Island ferry. It was late afternoon and I rode across like I have hundreds of times before. I went to the snack bar and got myself an ice cold beer and sipped it as I stood on the windy deck. The weather was beautiful and the breeze invigorating. I got to the other side and hopped back on the return trip. Every ride offered new photo possibilities carrying a whole new group of riders. The trip from Manhattan to SI is usually crowded being mostly commuters. The attendance back to the city is sparse. As I rode along with the sun setting, colors became more saturated and beautiful. Arriving back in Manhattan I immediately hopped back on for a second round trip. And again, the light more beautiful than the last ride. Upon arriving in Staten Island I let the ferry I had just taken depart and waited for 20 minutes for the next one. Each boat being different in size, shape and deck configuration. The next one came and I boarded as the light was fading. Finally back in Manhattan after 2 solid hours of travel and the light almost gone, I jumped back on for one last trip. That's a record for me..3 round trips back to back. Total cost of transportation? Zip! (not counting my beer)!  The best deal in NYC.

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