July 30, 2009

Give it some time ya dopes!

I'm sick of people asking me about when I think the economy is going to get better. I was very outspoken prior to the elections and even though I thought McCain was a patriotic guy who would have probably made a decent president, I couldn't help think the guy had completely lost his mind when he chose "Brain-dead Palin" to be his running mate. Even if he hadn't, I would have voted for anyone who wanted to go in the opposite direction of Bush's team and their horrific policies. I've been voting since I was was 18 and I've never disliked a president or been so embarrassed of the stupidity of my fellow Americans as the days when Bush was in office. I was in Canada a few years ago and someone asked me where I was from... I replied "I'm an American but I didn't vote for that dipshit, brainless president". I felt I HAD to say it. My tiny rebellion.
I once wrote a letter to McCain commending him on being one of the few Republicans to vote against drilling in ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Refuge). I even got a signed response from him thanking me for my letter. Then a short time later he chooses "brain-dead" Palin who is 100% for drilling in ANWR. He lost any chance of my vote when he did that... I wrote and told him so. I didn't get another "thank you" letter. I digress, back to the original topic, Obama's first 7 months. Now my friends who stupidly voted for McCain/Palin are wondering when Obama is going to fix this mess we're in. Yeah...that makes a lot of sense. Hand the guy a Himalaya sized mountain of shit, a few wars, massive debt and start bitching 7 months after he takes office. I'm not saying he's perfect but the guy seems to be trying. And, who knows if his fix-it plan will work either? Doesn't really matter, the old way wasn't working. Something had to be done...or at least attempted. I'm going to wait and see what happens before I pass judgement. I voted for him and I'm not embarrassed of my government's top officials anymore, that's all I care about. I find it mind numbing and sad that there are still people in America who thought the Bush/Cheney team was good for this country. Who are these people (idiots)? Texans? I think most people will agree that the majority of Texans are generally poorly dressed, gaudy, big haired, loud, obnoxious, sports loving, meat eating, rednecks who stick together so I assume that the small percentage who still believe in Bush are fake-tanned, brainless Texans who profited in some way from his stupid antics. And Palin, holy shit, don't get me started on that waste of skin. I have a relative who's a Palin fan (even bought those stupid glasses). I'm always terrified I might say something that will effect all future family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas forever. I bite the shit out of my tongue in her presence. I want to mention that I find it hilarious that Palin was so "pro abstinence" and her own daughter got knocked up...Oh, the irony! That's brilliant! Great parenting Sarah. Hey, here's a thought.. quit being Governor and stay at home and spend some quality time with your kids...Oh wait, you did quit (you loser). Just a bit too late. I wish someone with a "real" background in politics could sit down and explain to me what her viable qualities were because I never got it. Come on, you all know, she truly was a vacant minded twit and poor McCain ultimately paid the price in the end for picking her. I'm convinced that the people who voted for George Bush (especially the second time around) or Palin obviously never read ANYTHING like a newspaper or magazine article or did any research of their own on the candidates and their agendas (ANWR). Because if they had, they couldn't have voted for either of them. I constantly question people's intelligence...more often than I'd like. Consequently I'm usually amazed, surprised and disappointed by those that I love.

I went downtown today for a free concert given by Arlo Guthrie. Never was big fan, but I figured I'd go. Hey, the guy played Woodstock. So I went and there was a line a mile long. Okay, seriously it was 130 yards long. Down the block and into this twisty weird mess at the end. I walked away... I refuse to stand in line. Who the hell were all those people anyway? Arlo can still draw a crowd like that? They all looked like they attended the original Woodstock...sandals, long gray hair. I jumped on the Staten Island Ferry and took photos instead. I love riding that ferry and do it often. The coolest free activity in all of NYC.


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