July 28, 2009

Hey...pick that up!

I find it odd that I started a blog having read maybe 10 others (at most) in my life. There are a few that I think are quite interesting but most of them I click off the page after reading a few paragraphs when they are explaining what they ate for dinner. I struggled with the question to make it mainly about photography or my desire to vent my over neverending gripes and complaints about how screwed up I think the world is. Or, I should say, the people in it. I can get wound up on pretty much ANY subject at all... Litter for example. I live in NYC and I'm constantly amazed at people when they're 4 feet from a trash can and they'll set their empty can, bottle, bag, or cup down on the floor of a subway platform or on the ground. You can't walk 4 feet to a trash can, you lazy turd? Sometimes I have the balls to say "Hey Chump...pick up your trash." Sometimes if the person looks handicapped, drunk, or much smaller than me I'll toss in, "Ya filthy bastard" on the end of that sentence. Once a few years back I saw a guy toss a whole bag of crap out of the window of his car while he was parked. I walked up, tapped on the glass and after he rolled the window down a few inches I said "What the fuck's wrong with you? Are you crazy? Pick up your fucking trash you lazy fuck!" I walked away and after about 30 seconds the door swung open and he charged me like a bull. There was a standoff, some screaming and yelling, I threatened to knock him out, and in the end he picked up his trash and drove off. Humans in general are lazy and stupid. Look at the world... we're polluting the planet to death, we're cutting down all the trees, stinking up the air, strip mining huge tracts of land and over fishing the oceans. Why? Because humans are stupid, greedy and selfish. Nobody (including myself) wants to give up anything. We want to drive big-ass gas guzzling cars and live in giant houses and eat whatever we want, whenever we want. I actually have a sort of imposed "green" way of living. I gave up eating pork and beef 30 years ago, don't own a car, and live in a shared, cramped New York apartment. I'm green without even trying. Oh, and I NEVER litter.

Now I guess I should put up something to diffuse the rant I just went on. Maybe that will be my theme or path... I'll unleash some tirade about something that pisses me off and then toss up some pretty photo of some random model or friend who rolled around in front of me. An emotional and visual rollercoaster. Listen to me bitch and moan for a few minutes, then get some pretty pictures.



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