July 27, 2009


After a great deal of thought I've decided to create this blog. It might last 4 days or 4 years I really have no idea. Due to this wonderful economy I have more free time on my hands than I would like. I'm torn between writing my true feelings and showing much of my photography or doing a "heavily edited" version. A cleaner, nicer homogenized version. I can't decide . What would Mom and Dad think? WWJD? (joke). Many people purge themselves on their blogs using them as confessionals or use them to live vicariously through the web. I think I'll just post some photos and let whatever thoughts come to mind roll out as I plink away at the keys... And, I do plink. I'm a crappy typist. I cheated my way through typing class in high school by begging a girl named Becky to "pre-type" my assignments before class. Now I'm paying the price... I shouldn't have cheated. Let that be a lesson to all you kids. Now see, I could write something about Becky but I won't. Already I'm editing..... No blog for me.... I can't do this. My blog lasted one paragraph. That has to be some sort of blog record. Over and out!

The other day I discovered there was a mouse in the kitchen... Don't freak out, they're common in NYC. After setting a bunch of traps which were a new plastic type model I had no luck catching the little rodent. I even resorted to smearing peanut butter all over these new traps with no luck. Finally after 5 days and a jar of PB I went back to the hardware store and bought a few "old school" traps (2 for $1.49). I baited the traps with PB and waited. It wasn't long before my roommate and I heard the loud "snap" of the trap... I walked into the kitchen with the stance of someone stalking an intruder...slowly ...carefully... I peered around corner a bit too soon...I saw the little guy thrashing...I had caught him around the waist... Not pretty. It took a minute for the kicking to stop, but alas...no more Mr Mouse.

Oh...yeah, I really am a photographer. Not exactly the image I thought I'd start my photography blog with. Sorry, perhaps some "pretty" images tomorrow.

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