July 30, 2009

Sullyvision and A.D.D.

So I came up with this brilliant name for my blog... Sullyvision. I get the whole thing set up and then a few friends tell me that if you type "Sullyvision" into Google about 9 million entries pop up. Damn. Seemed too good to be true. It was a little too easy and without a great deal of thought. Sullivan+my vision= Sullyvision and yes I sort of liked that it was synonymous with television. Oddly I NEVER use Sully as a nickname and only a few people have ever called me that. One being my coach when I played FPYC (Fairfax Police Youth Club) football when I was about 13 years old. My brother was a fireman..seems more fitting for the name "Sully" than a photographer living in NYC, but to my knowledge I don't think anyone has ever called him Sully either. I liked playing football as a kid. I could run pretty fast and was actually a pretty good player. When the final weigh-ins came for the season I was a pound or two overweight and got bumped up to the next weight class. I loved my team and when I was transferred to another, suddenly I was a midget. 10 lbs makes a huge difference when you're a kid. Like going from your high school team to the NFL. I played one game and quit after being damn near trampled to death. I played little league baseball one year too. I could throw the ball fast and far I just had crappy control. I actually didn't like baseball and hate everything about it it to this day. Except the hats...I like baseball hats, as long as they don't say anything related to baseball on them. Oh, I quit baseball mid season as well. It was hot and it sucked. I sound like such a quitter.
I always thought of myself as a GREAT "under-achiever". I never really gave anything my all. Something wrong with the motivation gene somewhere in me. Perhaps I'm missing that gene entirely. If I'm doing something I love I'll work hard and do my best. I'll give it 110%... However if the activity sucks or becomes boring...if only for a minute..I'm outta there. I truly think I have all the symptoms of all the classic attention disorders. They just didn't have any names for them back in the 70's. I'm sure I'm A.D.D., A.D.H.D, partially OCD and toss in CRS (ie: Can't Remember Shit). My Mom told me that joke. I still can't concentrate on anything. I must have 450 books that I've started and gotten bored with 1/4 of the way through. Every once in awhile I'll find some weird random book that grips me and I'll read it all the way through.. Even some really goofy ones that I'm embarrassed to admit to reading. Bridges of Madison County for example, when it first came out. I may have even squeezed out a tear at the end of that one. I'm much more of a magazine guy. Give me Wired or The New Yorker. Interesting and brief... Sadly, I can last 10 pages...not 300. I did read a cool spy novel a few years back called Charm School given to me by my good friend Nemo, an avid reader.... it was a real thriller. My first and last spy novel. I do love a funny short story. The other day I was reading a New Yorker story by David Sedaris on the A train headed downtown. I was giggling like an idiot. I stopped at one point to look up and noticed some people staring at me. I may have snorted during my laughter. I didn't care.

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