February 22, 2010

High above

The other day while waiting on a friend and needing to kill half an hour I hopped on the Tram. Or, the Roosevelt Island Tramway. I hadn't been on it in years. The last time I even thought about the Tram, I was watching the news and some people got trapped when the thing got stuck somewhere in the middle and had to be taken off by firemen. That's scary. For a moment, as you're riding along, it's sort of like being in Colorado or Vermont. You expect to jump off onto a snowy ski platform instead of a parking lot next to an office building. It's weird. But, it's cool too. Takes only a few minutes to cross the East River and I wish the ride was longer. It's a deal for only $2.25. I lost a bet thinking it was more. I think the bet was a billion dollars (U.S.) which is a pisser. If it was a billion Indian Rupees I would have lost about $20. But, it did give me a transfer when I swiped my metro card so it only cost me $2.25 total round trip. It's a deal. Like the Staten Island Ferry, which is actually a better deal and costs nothing. I pressed my camera against the oddly clean window and took the following snaps.

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