February 8, 2010

Where you been sucka?

Well, I haven't been blogging that's for sure. Work has picked up so I've been busy with that, and I've been on a reading kick. Reading everything I can get my hands on. Haven't felt like blogging. Besides, I've got nothing to say I haven't already said. But, the other day I went into the local library a block from my apartment and got a library card. Over 15 years living in NYC and I haven't had a library card. Embarrassing actually. Well, lemme tell you, I never knew all the things you can do at a library these days. You can use a computer, check out movies, check out up to 50 music CDs at one time. They have an online catalog and you can ship a book to a closer location if your library doesn't have it. It's amazing in there... Who knew?

Another cool thing, I learned that if you go to iTunes you can click on "Radio" and suddenly you have access to hundreds of cool radio stations from all over the world. Last night I was up editing a job until 5:00am. I was listening to music from France, Africa, Seattle, etc., etc. They have a college section of campus stations, they have an R&B section, Rock, deep tracks, Jazz, music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, a talk radio section. It's friggin amazing. Who needs satellite radio when you have this?

I really need to get out more and discover things. Damn, two amazing things in a week!

A snap taken at the Met

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