February 24, 2010

I'll have the fish!

Pretty much every day I see someone digging through a trash can looking for something to eat. They'll sift through the trash and pick out a half drunken/drinked/dranked... consumed milkshake or soda and happily suck on the straw like it was their own, without any regard to whose lips were on it before them. Pizza is a big trash item. I've seen a bum pick out a pizza box with half a pie inside. Like hitting the pizza lottery. I've almost grabbed a slice. Obviously we Americans waste so much food, and the homeless are sort of like pigeons in the sense that they happily clean up much of the food we discard. The other day I was on the subway (what else is new); it's 12 degrees outside and this homeless guy comes walking through the subway begging for money or food. I've seen him on the A train many times. He's really dirty and he's not wearing shoes. I had just finished dinner and offered him my leftovers. He looked at the container--food still hot--and said, "What's this?" I said, "Some chicken and potatoes." He said, "I don't eat no meat... I'll have them potatoes." I thought to myself, "Damn, begging for food and picky too. He's got some balls turning down my chicken." By that time he had already put his dirty fingers all over my container so I couldn't take it back. Then I was sort of pissed that I gave him my leftovers. Now I was hungry.
The other day while walking in Soho I cut through a park after having a de-friggin-licious lunch at Lupe's. On a park bench were sitting two packets of fish fillets. It was cold outside and they looked pretty fresh. How did those fish fillets get there? Someone obviously stole them. Then the thief decided he didn't want the fish fillets? I find that odd.
The other photo was taken late at night while walking through Times Square. Very cold outside and someone left a little carton of Elmoo milk sitting on whatever that thing is it's sitting on... a divider? Anyway, people just walk down the street with food and then just leave it wherever they decide they don't want it anymore. I find that amazingly lazy. But, it makes it easier for the homeless people I guess.

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