February 1, 2010


I ride the subway way too much. It takes me between 37 minutes to an hour to get downtown depending whether I'm lucky and grab an A train going express or one going local. It also depends on other factors like track construction, the time I'm traveling or weird weekend and holiday schedules. I've been on a reading kick lately so I actually don't mind the commute so much. I always carry a book or the latest copy of The New Yorker. I love that magazine.
Yesterday while riding the train a woman sat down catacorner to me. She didn't seem impaired but after about 4 minutes she passed out, slumped over, dead asleep. I often fall asleep and then usually wake up just before my stop comes up. I once fell asleep around 145th and woke up 3 stops PAST my intended stop, ending up on Canal Street (for non-New Yorkers, that's a very long way). I worry that I may have drooled or looked stupid. Everyone sleeps on the train. But usually not like this.

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