May 6, 2010

I think too much

It's 4:00am and I need to go to bed. I started editing images at midnight and now here it is 4 hours later and I'm putting images on my blog... I must be crazy.

There are certain mundane, everyday things that I see that make me want to cry. No, I mean that literally. Some mother yanking her 2-year-old's arm on the subway and screaming profanities at him to stop crying. Obviously she was brought up that way so the cycle continues. Sadly, I see it often. Things like that bother me... as did this image. Now, he may be very content and happy to have a job but I watched him for a pretty long time and he didn't move. He sold one paper and finally dozed off. What is this guy's life like? I couldn't imagine a more unfulfilling job than selling papers at the subway entrance.
Spring cleaning in the village.
I've never been a successful dog owner. Having pets in our house as kids was always a disaster. When I go past the dog run I have this paternal pull to own one. Then they poop, I watch the owner scoop it up, and the feeling passes.
Where is that thing going?
Every day at least one musical group gets on the A train. Sometimes two or three will get on during one ride. These guys were right off the truck from Mexico... Like, that morning. They were good and still enthusiastic. Big spender, I gave them a buck.

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