May 11, 2010

Shelby Lynne ripped my heart out, twice.

I remember as a little kid watching this tv show called "McMillan and Wife". It starred Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James. I loved that program. It was the first time I had ever experienced a real crush on another human being. I was so in love with Susan Saint James it would tear my heart out to watch because I knew there was no way in the world I could ever meet her, much less be with her. I had to stop watching the show, it was too painful. Tonight I'm feeling a bit of deja vu.

A few months ago I heard Shelby Lynne on the radio singing a Dusty Springfield song from a tribute cd she did. I rushed out and bought the cd and it was great. That hooked me and I watched nearly every video I could find on YouTube of her. Tonight I went to see her at a tiny theater on West 64th Street. Holy shit! She put on one of the top 3 greatest shows I've ever seen in my life. When that woman sings one of those sad ballads she almost starts crying. I sat there watching her with binoculars (and I was already really close) as she poured her heart and soul out on every song. She had lived that pain. I love her puffy eyes, that furrowed brow and that face that shows every one of those dark smokey bars and honky tonks she's played for the past 20+ years. So worn and beautiful.
That same helpless lovestruck feeling I had watching McMillan and Wife came rushing back.

Now here's the sad part of this little tale. This afternoon I had a meeting with a client down on lower Broadway. I mentioned that I was going to see Shelby Lynne tonight. He smiled and said, "Shelby Lynne the dyke?" I laughed and said, "No, the country singer." He said, "I think she just came out a week ago." I felt a rush of panic. Could this be? I had visions of her and me walking hand-in-hand with our dogs through a golden field of grass up to our cabin on a hill. Me with a camera, her with a guitar. We would've made the perfect little couple. (I'm joking... sort of.)
I walked around his desk and plinked out Google on his computer. There it was: "Shelby Lynne gay." To further confirm these reports, at the concert tonight she had a new little hairstyle. Short in the back with a little rat tail. And, she was wearing a wide leather bracelet. It's true... my client was right.

It's the end of the world.

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