May 10, 2010

Saturday scenes

I walked about 4 miles Saturday. A beautiful day. I started out early at the Perry Street annual sale, went to a few thrift stores, then to the flea market on 39th Street, then continued up through Hell's Kitchen where I had this great lunch at an Israeli place. All those sales and I didn't buy a single thing. I finally figured it out... I want nothing.
As I stepped outside the restaurant I couldn't help "butt" notice this "hipster" guy wearing very uncool ass-crack pants. Not pretty! Hey, cool guy, might want to wear a longer shirt or higher waist jeans and forfeit the cool look.

Who does this? Dogs in baby carriages? People are crazy.

Sunny day in Hell's Kitchen.

Germans. Obviously they wear pants differently over there.


Yellow place, yellow shirt, yellow cab.

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