May 30, 2010

Weekend sights

This could be the nastiest ATM on the planet. Spit and goo and God knows what else covers this thing. Not to mention it smelled like pee. I'd be scared to put my finger on one of the number pads... disgusting.
Around 38th street.
Spikes, a hat and something I can't explain. Sort of a jet black, ill fitting, half rug, half spray on hair thing.

People take such good care of their bikes here in the city. Houston street.

Drunk guy in front of the Thai place were I had dinner. I ordered a sweet and sour soup as an appetizer and told the waiter three times..."NO bell peppers". The soup came with bell peppers floating all over the top, I sent it back. Next I ordered steamed dumplings... They came fried. Finally I ordered a version of pad thai with glass noodles. A big bowl of soup came. I found this incredibly aggravating and funny at the same time. Not a single thing right out of three.
An hour later my stomach was rebelling and I needed to get home fast. I'd be willing to bet the cook put something in my second unordered soup for sending back the first soup. Just as I was leaving the subway after my uncomfortable 50 minute ride, I discovered I had left my keys at a friends house. I almost panicked. I had no choice. I got back on the downtown subway and started my hour long journey to retrieve my keys. What else could I do? A really bad situation...

One shaft of light illuminating the building's bright red standpipe.

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