June 15, 2010

From the South

Just back from another trip to shoot churches and preachers, this time down in Tennessee. I passed this place on the way to McDonald's one morning. Surprisingly, McD's lattes were perty darn good (yes, I meant to spell it that way). More photos after a very large edit.

I stopped in a small church up on a hill. A man and woman were out front; they had a big sign about abortion out front with a bunch of little crosses all over the yard. After a brief chat (when I was tempted to tell him my opinion on abortion) he asked me to come inside and listen to a little bit of what he was doing. I thanked him and declined. He begged. I reluctantly went inside and he literally ran to turn on the lights, sound system and jumped behind a keyboard. He wiped the sweat from his brow, gained his composure, clicked a few keys and started playing and singing. Like church karaoke. I felt like an idiot standing there next to his smiling wife, proud as she could be. After the song I clapped (ever heard one person clapping in a church? Very weird.). Before I could escape he started singing another one. I was trapped.

I always feel like a tourist when I jam my camera up to the window to take photos while flying. I expect someone to say, "Is this your first time flying?" But, I find the view from up there amazing. We flew up the Hudson into LaGuardia. Beautiful....

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