June 17, 2010

New scenes from NYC

These odd "metal man" sculptures all over Manhattan are causing quite a stir. They're on the tops of buildings looking like "jumpers", standing in Madison Park and overlooking Union Square. Here, a tourist hooked his post operative pooch to a metal man looking as if it was walking the dog... How clever.
While walking along the path on the west side I noticed this little soft cloud hovering above for the longest time. Very wispy and cotton-like. I know, it's a stupid photo.

Late afternoon on 17th street in Chelsea this scene looked so much better out of focus. Like a frame from a 1950's movie.

Hanging out on the corner the other day with my "homies", I noticed this accidental abstract collage created from old ads on the wall of the corner deli. Oddly, the guitar neck was metal and nailed to the wall. What happened to the rest of it?

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