September 14, 2010

I'm back... again

After nearly a month of computer problems and traveling I can finally add something to this blog. I took a week off and went to help my friend Nemo build a fence in his yard. While there I went to the Perry County (Pa.) fair. For two days I walked around talking with and photographing the locals as well as some of the "carnies." They were an interesting bunch. Most of them more than glad to take any fool's money who would easily spend $34 trying to toss a hoop on a bottleneck to win his girlfriend a $2.00 stuffed animal.

Almost as soon as I returned from Pa. I hopped on a flight down to Atlanta and then zig-zagged my way up through Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia, mostly on back roads. That's where you'll find some real characters.

Being late (almost 3:00am) I only had a short time to prepare a few images.

This is Jacob.
While riding down some random gravel road deep in Kentucky I passed a trailer. A woman was suspiciously watching our unfamiliar car drive by so I stopped, rolled down the window and asked her where the road went. I got out of the car, camera in hand and asked if I could snap a few photos. She seemed surprised that I wanted to and as I raised my camera the front door flew open and 4 kids stepped cautiously out into the road to check me out. The youngest and most shy kid was named Jacob. He took a liking to me after a few minutes and wanted to show me his tadpoles and new puppy. I felt an odd, unexplainable bond to this little boy. I couldn't stop snapping photos of him. He was smart, engaging, and inquisitive. We spent a good hour talking to the kids and Mom and taking photos. After I left I couldn't help wonder what would become of him. Odds are that he won't finish school, surely won't go on to college, and there's a very high likelihood he'll end up on drugs. Sadly, a probable scenario in that part of the country. I'm giving serious thought to offering to pay for his college if he ever makes it through high school. I don't know why I feel so compelled to save this little guy. He was truly a beautiful little boy.

This is Billy. He ran one of the rides at the fair. He told me he thought I was an inspector. Nice guy after he warms up to you; however, I wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Proud farmer on his restored tractor.

While talking to a woman who was a dairy farmer we noticed 3 tiny rabbits huddled in front of a porta-john. It's was a miracle they hadn't been trampled. She put them in a box filled with grass to take home.

Another proud farmer on his vintage Allis Chalmers...or maybe a Massey Furguson...what do I know?

And, another.

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