September 30, 2010

Sick of computers

Last month a nasty virus invaded this computer and it basically froze up. As I posted earlier, my kind roommate took it to work and got the whole thing cleared up by the tech nerds. It's all better except, now, I just tried to download photos I've taken recently and for some reason it's not working the way it always has. I can't download squat. And, I'm too computer illiterate to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The little popup says it can't recognize the files. It's 3:00am, I'm tired, I give up.
I went out and bought a 24-inch iMac a few months back. I still haven't figured out how to do anything it other than to turn it on and stare at the screen. I truly hate working on computers. They crash, they're confusing, they have 9 thousand systems you have to learn and relearn once you buy a new one. They're not "user friendly" by any stretch of the imagination. How does a person sit down in front of a new computer and figure all these things out? What each button (or series of button maneuvers) does? Do I just blindly start pressing shit hoping I miraculously press the correct combo to achieve the desired results? I just attempted to make a power point presentation on my iMac through the iWork program. I got as far as the first page. How does one learn this?
I'm venting... I'll figure out how to put photos up when I'm not tired and pissed off. God I friggin' hate computers. Here are some older pics I haven't posted. New ones coming.

Smoochers at Coney Island

Smoochers on a Bronx subway platform

Future "asphalt rash", Central Park.

Graffiti truck.

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